Actually, a dog’s fur should be enough to protect him from the winter outside temperatures. But why do some breeds, such as Chihuahuas, Dachshunds or Jack Russell Terriers, tremble when they are outside in the cold season? The reason for this is their short fur and lack of undercoat, which keeps other four-legged friends nice and warm. To protect the sensitive animals from the cold, their owners buy suitable clothing for dogs. But does that really make sense? And what should you pay attention to when buying?

According to the Federal Veterinary Association e. V. (BTK for short), healthy dogs usually do not have to wear a coat when going for a walk. Nevertheless, the association admits that some four-legged friends rely on warm clothing: “For old or sick animals, breeds with short fur and without an undercoat, a dog coat can be useful in exceptional cases.” Here, the BTK recommends light, breathable and water-repellent materials that are also skin-friendly for the animals. When it comes to fit, the club has the following to consider: “The coat must fit well and must not constrict any part of the body or rub against the skin. But it should also not be too loose, because then it will not warm enough or the dog will stick to objects or “hanging on bushes”.

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If you have chosen a fleece dog jacket, you should follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. You can usually wash the material at 30 degrees to remove heavy dirt. Then let the synthetic fiber fabric dry in the fresh air before putting it back on your pet. If the inner lining of the dog coat is even removable, only this can be washed.

Source: Federal Veterinary Association. v.

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