On Day 15, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” one thing in particular: need for clarification. Did Gigi Birofio (23), Papis Loveday (46) and Lucas Cordalis (55) manage to settle their mega Zoff? Meanwhile, Jolina Mennen (30) and Cosimo Citiolo (41) had to hold their breath in the jungle test. Djamila Rowe (55) also developed feelings – for the jungle. At the end there was also an important question: Which celebrities are in the semifinals?

The riot from the day before initially created a bad atmosphere in the camp. After the food test and an unfortunate comment from Lucas, Gigi and Dads verbally attacked the pop singer. “Don’t make sacrifices, Lucas,” Gigi raged, among other things. In conversation with Claudia Effenberg (57), who left the camp a little later, Lucas made it clear that Gigis and Papis’ behavior was “just embarrassing”. He doesn’t let himself be “dance around on his nose”.

There was no big discussion, but there was reconciliation nonetheless. At the next meal of rice and beans around the campfire, Dad gave in: “Lucas, let’s forget about yesterday.” He then hugged the model. “You stand for so many great values. We don’t need that at all,” said Lucas forgivingly. And the hit star also got into conversation with Gigi about his dream of opening a bar. The talks went peacefully, but both dads and Gigi remained skeptical: Lucas might just be faking his interest to look good, both agreed.

After Claudia said goodbye to the camp, Djamila suddenly realized how much she loved the jungle despite hunger, drama, poor hygiene and animal roommates. “There are days when I can’t imagine not being here anymore,” she said to Lucas. “Maybe someday I won’t want to go home anymore?” The pop singer left the whole thing uncommented …

In conversation with Gigi it later became spicy. Breasts, buttocks, curves – the dating show expert openly explained what his dream woman should look like. “I lost my butt here, I only have breasts,” said Djamila, amused. When asked if he wanted to continue with reality TV in the future, Gigi immediately knew an answer: “That’s the only thing I’m good at.”

What Jolina and Cosimo should be good at is holding their breath. Because that was for the two in the jungle test “No more airy”. There, six stars in two water tanks were waiting for the influencer and the “DSDS” star. However, crocodiles, lizards and fish also lurked in the water. “Ignore them,” was the instruction from Dr. Bob. But that fell on deaf ears with Cosimo, who a little later let his tender little screaming voice ring out again. In the end, the duo took three stars to the camp.

In an emotional treasure hunt, the new dream team Gigi and Djamila also won a small portion of instant coffee.

The decision was then about getting into the semi-finals. Gigi, Lucas, Cosimo, Djamila and Jolina still have a chance at the jungle crown. Dads had to leave the camp. Who made it into the grand finale of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” creates, decides on Saturday evening (January 28, from 10:15 p.m. live on RTL and RTL).