Within a fraction of a second, the quiet place can apparently become the epicenter of anger and despair – just looking at the non-existent toilet paper roll is enough. For a viral hit, all you need is a star known all over the world. Exactly with this recipe the wrestling great Hulk Hogan (69) amuses the net.

Without further explanation, Hogan tweeted yesterday (January 25) that read, “Brother I’ve run out of toilet paper HELP!!!!!!!!” The eight exclamation marks made clear the apparently dramatic state of emergency. Although Hogan deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, as is well known, there is always someone on the Internet with a nimble screenshot finger to get such Twitter pearls for posterity.

What exactly led to the faux pas is not documented. One attempt at an explanation would be that Hogan confused private messages with public tweets due to the exceptional situation and accidentally asked his 2.2 million followers for help. It is also not known whether he received it.