Hollywood director Roland Emmerich (67, “Moonfall”, “Independence Day”) has further expanded the cast for the start of the shooting of the gladiator series “Those About To Die”. Newcomers include the actors and actresses Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), Johannes Haukur Johannesson (“Vikings: Valhalla”), Alicia Edogamhe (“Summertime”) and Liraz Charhi (“Tehran”).

Emmerich linked reports from the industry portals “Hollywood Reporter” and “Deadline.com” on his social media. Filming for the series of the US streaming service Peacock has now started in the Roman Cinecittà film studios, Emmerich wrote on Instagram.

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins has long been on board as the Roman Emperor Vespasian. The cast also includes Gabriella Pession, Dimitri Leonidas, Jojo Macari and Tom Hughes.

In addition to Emmerich, the German filmmaker Marco Kreuzpaintner (46, “Krabat”, “Beat”, “Der Fall Collini”) will also be involved as a director. The series was scripted by Robert Rodat (“Saving Private Ryan”). The historical drama about gladiator fights in ancient Rome is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by the US author Daniel Mannix.