Get out of your warm winter shoes and into comfortable sneakers. Summer is coming and with it the sneaker season. The popular shoe is probably already on your shoe shelf, because the classic never goes out of style. The platform sneaker trend in 2023 offers variety. The conventional sole gives way to a raised version, so that wearers gain a few centimeters of height. Which models are trendy? Here are five popular platform sneakers.

The trend shoes have their fashionable origins in the 70s. At that time, various models were given the stylish increase. Sneakers with a platform are certainly not new in 2023, but they are always on trend. The platform sole easily adds a few centimeters to your height. This stretches the leg and is particularly suitable for smaller people. The trend sneakers are by no means only made for shorter legs, whether large or small, the platform sole gives the sneaker more impact. If you are worried that the shoes might look clunky, you should combine them with slim-cut trousers. Models with flares and a slit that give the sneakers space are also suitable. The look is convincing, but the pleasant extra padding under the shoe is also an advantage. Bumps and shocks can be better absorbed and the cushioning properties protect your feet on long distances.

The white platform sneaker is a classic because it goes with everything. If you don’t yet own sneakers with a platform sole, this model is a good start. The light tone allows the eye-catching shoes to fade into the background, so you can embrace the platform trend.

If the white shoes are too boring for you, choose colorful sneakers with eye-catching stripes on the side. The visual eye-catcher is ideal for summer, when clothing shines in all colors. Chunky shoes with colorful applications can create a great contrast to a light dress.

Vans are casual and impress thanks to their simplicity. The otherwise flat shoe has more space thanks to the platform sole and visually stretches the leg. Black is good for rounding off light outfits and adding a darker counterpart to the outfit.

Metallic looks are a matter of taste. If you like it sparkly, you can use the metallic sneakers with a platform sole for an eye-catcher. The shimmering silver sneakers look particularly beautiful with white dresses, skirts or trousers.

Retro sneakers with a platform are also available. The Reebok Classic has been popular since the 90s. With the platform sole it gets a contemporary upgrade.

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