There is still a long way to go until the new “James Bond” film. The creators of the legendary action series are currently still looking for a suitable successor to Daniel Craig – a chance to fill the “007” free time with new action strips including capable agents.

And Netflix seems to know that too. On August 11, the streaming service is releasing one of its biggest agent-style action flicks yet. But unlike classics like “James Bond” or “Mission Impossible”, the creators of “Heart of Stone” rely on a female agent who has to protect the world from dangerous goods. Sounds promising, just like the cast, which leaves nothing to be desired with stars like “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot, “Fifty Shades” actor Jamie Dornan and Matthias Schweigh√∂fer.

After “Red Notice”, Gadot makes the Netflix world unsafe again as an action heroine. It was only in 2021 that she played a nimble, shadowy thief in the action-comedy opposite Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, who fooled viewers until the end of the film.

“Heart of Stone” is about Rachel Stone, one of the top agents of “Charter”, an organization responsible for world peace. She doesn’t have a private life, she concentrates entirely on “peace in a turbulent world”. When suddenly the dubious agency’s most valuable weapon is stolen by a hacker, the whole world is in danger. Because “the heart”, as the team calls the weapon, is so powerful that it can crash stock markets and planes, among other things. The trailer says, “Whoever owns the heart owns the world.” And so Stone must do everything she can to stop the hacker on her next mission.

And the trailer shows: In “James Bond” style, action fans can look forward to fast-paced chases, exploding planes, blimps and buildings, as well as paragliding scenes at dizzying heights. The backdrops also have a lot to offer: “Heart of Stone” is set in South Tyrol at the Schnalstaler Gletscherbahn, the desert of Senegal, in London, Reykjavik and in Lisbon.

Whether the strip, directed by “The Aeronauts” maker Tom Harper, can hold a candle to classics like “007” and “Mission Impossible” will only be seen after the Netflix launch. In any case, the “Charter” universe always has potential for the next action franchise.

Heart of Stone will be available to stream on Netflix August 11, 2023.