Horst Lichter is immediately enthusiastic when he sees the object: “Oh, what are we going to start with today? That’s nice,” says the moderator when he sees the “truck” standing in the expert room. The sisters Heike Kuhl and Gabriele R√∂dding brought the famous advertising character to “Bares for Rares”. It once belonged to her father, who was a truck driver himself.

Sven Deutschmanek provides more background on the “Brummi”. It has existed since 1971 and is the mascot of the Federal Association of German Long-Distance Freight Transport. The round little man as a character was very well received by the population. A children’s book about the “Brummi” was published in 1976 – which even won the prize for best children’s book at the time. In short: The “Brummi” rolled itself into the hearts of the Germans.

The sisters would like 50 euros for their copy, which was made in the mid-1970s. But Sven Deutschmanek thinks much more is possible: he estimates the value at 100 to 150 euros. And there could be even more money: During the appraisal in the dealership, Walter “Waldi”¬†Lehnertz made a clear announcement to his colleagues: “I can tell you where it’s going: to the Eifel.”

Julian Schmitz-Avila starts with 50 euros. Because several dealers are interested, the price quickly reaches three digits. When Leo bids Leo 150 euros, the upper estimate has already been reached. But “Waldi” doesn’t give up and buys the “Brummi”, which costs a whopping 200 euros.

“Waldi” then savors his triumph and struts through the dealer’s room with the newly acquired mascot. His comment: “Me and my fat brother.”

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library

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