Making your own soap is easy. It just depends on the right ingredients and work steps. You are free to decide what shape, color or scent you want your homemade soap to have. The individual production makes it possible to use sustainable and natural ingredients. Because if you make your own soap, you know exactly what’s in it. So homemade soap is not only free of chemical ingredients, but can also be a personal gift for friends and family.

Industrially produced soap from the drugstore may contain substances that are harmful to the environment or cause allergies. In addition, you do not need any plastic packaging for homemade soap and thus also protect the environment. Apart from a few basic ingredients, you can choose the ingredients yourself and adjust them individually to your skin type and taste. DIY soaps are possibly better tolerated by the skin and are particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

To make soap yourself, you only need a few ingredients such as oil and a scent that you like. There is plenty of room for creative ideas so that you can implement your personal favorite soap recipe. However, there are a few things you need to make soap, including:

There are hardly any limits to your imagination when it comes to the colour, shape and fragrance of your homemade soap, but a good basic recipe is particularly helpful when you are first making your own soap. The basic components of soap are primarily fats, mostly in the form of oils. The other ingredients may vary.


Take a rasp and shred the bar of soap as small as possible. Then melt the grated soap in a water bath. Then add your choice of organic oil, essential oil and soap coloring.

Mix all the ingredients together well and finally pour the liquid soap into the silicone mold. Leave the soap bars to dry for several days and then remove them from the mold. Your homemade soap is ready.

If you want, you can also decorate the soap. This works best when the soap is still liquid. Add a sprig of lavender or dried roses to the soap, for example.

Soap with olive oil is fruity and nurturing. If you like fresh scents, you should try this soap recipe.


Proceed as described above to make the orange-olive oil soap. However, add ten drops of organic orange oil for a fruity scent and color the soap orange using a soap dye. When you have mixed all the ingredients well, let the finished mass dry well in a silicone mold for several days. As an alternative to small molds, you can of course also use larger molds and cut the soap into small pieces yourself.

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