Timur Ülker (34) was recently in the hospital and would now like to draw attention to an important issue. The “Good Times, Bad Times” actor donated bone marrow for a patient suffering from blood cancer in Dresden. Five years after he registered with the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Registry), Ülker may have been able to save a human life, according to a statement from broadcaster RTL.

Ülker said that his filming schedule on “GZSZ” (also shown on RTL), where he has been playing the role of Nihat Güney since September 2018, was even adjusted for the procedure. “It feels like a sore muscle, like a bruise. But I’m happy that it’s done and I just hope with all my heart that the transplant will be successful and that the recipient can then lead a new life and I wish them all the best .” He concluded that he would repeat this action at any time.

Together with another 500 committed people, Ülker registered in 2019 for an event at the Filmpark Babelsberg, where the RTL series is filmed. His fellow actors Chryssanthi Kavazi (35), Anne Menden (38), Iris Mareike Steen (32), Ulrike Frank (55), Felix von Jascheroff (41), Gisa Zach (49), Maria Wedig (40), Niklas Osterloh (35) and Patrick Heinrich (38) took part at the time, reports RTL.

Ülker was the first of all those involved to actually donate. He then took over the patronage of an online DKMS campaign in which anyone can take part or find out more.

The DKMS is an organization based in Tübingen that promotes the registration of stem cell donors in order to be able to treat or cure blood cancer patients around the world.