In contrast to the popular Wild Berry Lillet (or a Lillet Hot Berry, the winter alternative), the Wild Berry Spritz has a slightly milder taste because it contains less alcohol. Instead of Lillet Rosé, a 17 percent wine aperitif, the trendy drink is served with sparkling wine (approx. 11 percent) – this gives the summer cocktail its tangy note in combination with fresh, seasonal berries. But how is the Wild Berry Spritz prepared in detail? We’ll tell you the recipe and say: Cheers!

To prepare it, in addition to your favorite sparkling wine, you need a lemonade with wild berry flavor – for example from Thomas Henry or Schweppes. You also need some lime juice, either freshly squeezed or you buy an industrially produced product. And of course you can’t miss the fresh berries, which are available in (almost) every supermarket depending on the season. Alternatively, you can also use frozen fruit. Last but not least, there are a few ice cubes as well as mint leaves and lime slices to garnish. You can find out the exact quantities in the following list:

Ingredients for a drink:

And this is how you prepare a Wild Berry Spritz:


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