A great honor and a tough test at the same time: In episode 13 (Thursdays, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben or on Joyn) Heidi’s models were allowed to appear in front of the camera with Hollywood star Thomas Kretschmann (61). While the twins Luka and Julian (24) and Fabienne (20) stood out during filming, others’ nerves and circulation failed. In the end it was time for two models to finish filming and fly home. Another dream team is gradually becoming this season’s top favorites.

Before filming with Thomas Kretschmann, Heidi Klum (50) gave eight of her models the chance to snag a lucrative make-up deal in a video challenge. Fabienne, Kadidja (21), Lea (24), Grace (25), Armin (27), Dominic (20), Jermaine (20) and Marvin (23) were supposed to present their development into today’s personality in a short video. And many of them used the challenge to give very private insights into their careers and mental lives. Her message: Be who you are. Show yourself how you feel. Dominic, Armin, Jermaine and Marvin pleaded for men not to hide their feminine side. Lea made it clear with abandon: she has long since left previous attacks about her looking too boyish. Lea and Jermaine’s videos impressed the makeup customer jury the most. Both of them not only got the job as faces of the new campaign. They were also happy about moving into the next round. Like last week, the two were among the big winners of this episode. Is there a pair of favorites emerging to win?

Whether Angelina Jolie (48) or Harrison Ford (81): Thomas Kretschmann has already filmed with the really big ones. The L.A.-based actor is one of the few German actors who have established themselves in Hollywood. It was all the greater an honor for Heidi’s models to be able to win Kretschmann as their acting coach and to be able to stand in front of the camera with him. Heidi, Kretschmann and advertising director David Helmut (37) came up with two scenarios for the models: “Love between colleagues” and “Cheeseburger for free”. In short game scenes they acted as jealous, stressed colleagues or as influencers and their fame victims. Before filming started, co-favorite Kadidja (21) suffered a faint attack. She had to be taken back to the model house by paramedics. During coaching, Kretschmann encouraged those who remained to shoot: “Be authentic. Everything is allowed.”

For the shoot, Heidi divided the models into groups of two. This resulted in some unusual or unpleasant constellations. Although they otherwise embody more than one heart and soul, the twins Julian and Luka went all out during filming. In front of the camera they argued like tinkers and accused each other of cheating. In addition to outright slaps, they also said things like this: “I’m sad that I have the same ugly face as him.” For Thomas Kretschmann a “golden sentence” and the most convincing performance among the boys. Heidi thought: “Together you have double the magic.” Fabienne, who had to play with Grace because of Kadidja’s absence, also convinced everyone. Heidi named the otherwise shy model chick the best female actress of the day of filming. It’s completely different with two other pairings: Dominic and Aldin (23) didn’t get along at all in front of the camera because of old animosities. “There is too much posing here,” was Thomas Kretschmann’s criticism. Was that her end?

Xenia (24) and Stella (34) felt well prepared for the shoot. But in front of the camera, mother of four Stella from Dortmund in particular lost her nerves. “Helpless” was Thomas Kretschmann’s verdict. Her lack of creativity and ability to improvise ultimately proved to be Stella’s downfall: she was eliminated. Shortly before the boys’ decision, model Aldin also had to be taken to the hospital with a circulatory collapse. So Dominic had to face the criticism of the jury trio alone: ​​”You lacked harmony. I didn’t believe a word you said,” said juror Thomas Kretschmann. While the absent Aldin was able to save himself into the next round, Dominic was over. He said goodbye to the audience with moving words: “No matter what you have to listen to: wear what you want, show yourself how you want. We don’t need more rules, we need more freedom.” Thomas Kretschmann, visibly moved, hugged him for this statement: “Hats off!”