Last week, a storm saved the young model from “Germany’s next top model” (Thursday, 8:15 p.m., ProSieben) from being thrown out. Means: There are too many girls on the show this week! Therefore, in the new episode, two would-be models have to go after the first task.

The challenge for the models is to show their “personality” in an introduction video – with three poses and a single sentence. Behind the camera is Heidi Klum’s (49) house and court photographer Rankin (57), who also has 14 years of GNTM experience under his belt. Maybe that’s why his job now consists of sitting in a chair with sunglasses on and saying “pose, pose, pose, action.”

The sayings that the girls come up with are as creative as “You hate me or love me”. Heidi is disappointed by the performance, sometimes calling it “sleepy”, sometimes “sluggish” and asking again in front of the assembled group to be sure: “You want to do that, this job?”

The models’ self-confidence actually seems to collapse as soon as the camera rolls – as with Slata (19). After her shoot, she has to admit: “I completely underestimated this. It always looks so relaxed on TV and then you’re here and think, ‘What are you doing'”. Heidi thought so too and sent Slata and Melissa (19) home. While everyone in the model gang is crying, riot brush Elsa (18) has a different attitude to the loss: “I’m super happy!” Honestly anyway.

Sarah (19) turns out to be a particularly promising character: She convinced Rankin and Heidi and with her meme potential she certainly convinced every viewer. Although Sarah looks like super cool Megan Fox (36), she is as emotional as the main character of a completely exaggerated sitcom character. When she calls her parents, she cries and squeals, leaving viewers wondering what they’re missing. Until you understand: Sarah expresses joy with a distorted face and howling noises. The parents seem to be used to it already. “Take this energy with you,” they advise the happily crying daughter.

The day off is used particularly wisely in the model villa. Elsa heard that someone said she had bad walking. Elsa: “And then it was over for me.” She immediately tries to find out who has blasphemed and storms the sun terrace. “I will chase this person all over Germany,” she announces. Since neither Elsa nor anyone else knows who the announcement is aimed at, the group stays relaxed by the pool despite the threat. No drama, but at least they tried.

Back to work, the walk is coming up. Because of a positive corona test, Heidi Klum can only take part in the model execution virtually this time. She follows the run of her girls on a monitor in her own garden. Rankin is sitting on the set in Persona, which is supposed to represent the four seasons at four stations. The girls are expected to pose at each station in latex caps and gloves, as well as oversized dresses with huge floral prints.

Most can handle the blowing leaves in autumn, the falling snow in winter and the soap bubbles in spring (?) quite well. But not all. In his new role as the only physically present judge, Rankin has a lot of opinion to share this time. To Lara (19): “I’m not sure if you’re sure about what you’re doing.” To Juliette (20): “All I see are bare nerves.” To Eliz (21): “Actually, you’re probably the closest thing to what a catwalk model should do. But you’re like a foal that’s just learning to walk.” At Elsa, Heidi just shakes her head and asks: “Where should I start?”

With two, there is really nothing more to save for the model mom and her executioner: With Melina (18), who crept through the scene with a round back and bowed her head in search of the party. And Juliette, looking down, staggering through the set just as uninspired. Surprise: Elsa is allowed to stay despite massive criticism – apparently she’s just too entertaining.