During a video shoot with photographer Rankin, the candidates should present themselves in short clips and highlight special features of their personality. First, the 13 participants have to compete, who in the eyes of Heidi Klum were the weaker in the duel shoot last week. After that, Klum makes a decision straight away: Melissa and Slata couldn’t convince her and have to leave the show. In the model villa, candidate Elsa is again the focus of a discussion. The 18-year-old is upset that another contestant said she was the worst performer on the catwalk. Elsa confronts the group, but no one wants to own up to the statement. “I think this person is afraid to say it to my face because they know I’ll hunt them down. That’s not possible. That’s a bad rat for me,” the Austrian said. Tempers have calmed down again until the final decision. There the candidates can expect a set in which the four seasons are set up. They should walk along in floral dresses and stage different feelings. Not all master the task without problems, some candidates lose a shoe, others stumble or fall lengthways on the floor.

Once again, not everything goes as planned with the decision. After a storm plunged production into chaos last week, this time it’s Covid-19. Heidi Klum cannot appear on the set after a positive test, guest judge Rankin is alone in the studio. Instead, Klum is connected from her Los Angeles mansion. A monitor was set up there by the pool so that the 49-year-old can follow everything that is happening with her candidates. Klum’s corona infection caused mixed reactions among the participants. Some have concerns that their performance on the monitor will not come across properly, while others are more pragmatic. “I’m always nervous in front of her. Maybe that’s a good thing,” says Ida.

He’s been there almost as long as Heidi Klum himself: Rankin has been a photographer or guest juror at GNTM for 14 years. The Briton is feared by the candidates for his biting comments. For example, he lets Eliz know: “Actually, you’re most likely a catwalk model of all, but you’re like a foal that’s just learning to walk.” In the case of Melina, he judges that she is a “1 out of 10” and does not belong in this competition. And Juliette gets to hear: “For me you have all the elements of a model, but they don’t harmonize with each other. You were probably one of the worst on the catwalk.” On the other hand, he finds words of praise for Tracy: “I would book you immediately,” says the photographer and the 57-year-old is also enthusiastic about Ida: “It should be called ‘Ida Next Topmodel’.”

After nobody was eliminated last week, four candidates are caught this time: In addition to Melissa and Slata, Melina and Juliette also have to pack their bags in episode three.

“We have another candidate who doesn’t really know where she is right now. I hope she knows she’s on ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, landed here with me in L.A.” (Heidi Klum about Elsa during the video shoot)