Fans of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” are eagerly awaiting the fifth and final season about Elfi, Jim Hopper and Co. But young actor Gaten Matarazzo (20), who has been playing fan favorite Dustin in “Stranger Things” since the first episode , faces the upcoming end of the show with “deep fear”. At least that’s what the series star said on the “Tonight Show” by US late-night talker Jimmy Fallon (48).

The 20-year-old Matarazzo, who has yet to land many acting engagements outside of Stranger Things, described the Netflix series to host Fallon as “pretty great job security.” After the filming of the final episodes was completed, it would be: “Back to freelance work” for him.

But not every “Stranger Things” cast member shares Matarazzo’s feelings about the upcoming end of the Netflix series. Jim Hopper actor David Harbor (47) made headlines just a few weeks ago when he explained: “We shot the first season almost nine years ago and I think it’s time for [Stranger Things] to stop”. But Harbor also added that the end of the hugely successful and popular Netflix series was “very bittersweet”.

According to actor Harbour, filming for season five is set to begin in June this year. A Netflix start of the new “Stranger Things” episodes is therefore not to be expected before the summer of 2024.