Pop superstar Ed Sheeran (32) had to cope with a terrible blow of fate last year: his best friend and sponsor Jamal Edwards (1990-2022) died at the age of 31 from a cardiac arrhythmia after taking the drug cocaine. This was a life-changing turning point for Sheeran, as the 32-year-old revealed in an interview with “Rolling Stone”. Since then, the singer has sworn off drugs completely.

The “Bad Habits” singer candidly describes previous drug experiences in an interview. “I’ve always been a drinker,” says Sheeran, who describes himself as “a party boy” in his 20s. At the age of 24 other substances were added. “I remember being at a festival and going, ‘All my friends are doing it, so it can’t be that bad.'”

Sheeran: “And then it turns into a habit that you do once a week and then once a day and then twice a day and then no alcohol.” However, Edwards’ death changed that, the acclaimed songwriter revealed, without going into specific details. “I would never touch anything again because that’s how Jamal [Edwards] died. And that’s just disrespectful to his memory.”

Nowadays, according to the singer, he would still drink red wine and beer, but also avoid hard alcohol. “Drinking a few beers is one thing. But drinking a bottle of vodka is quite another.” The singer had this realization before the birth of his first daughter Lyra, who is two years old today.

His wife Cherry Seaborn (30), to whom he has been married since 2019, asked him at the time: “‘If my water bursts, do you really want someone else to drive me to the hospital?’ Because I drank a lot at the time.” Then he said to himself: “I’m approaching 30. Grow up! You celebrated, you had this experience. Now be happy with it and just stop.”

Sheeran also confirmed his second daughter’s name in an interview with Rolling Stone. The girl, born in May 2022, goes by the name Jupiter, as insiders have previously reported.

Sheeran plans to release his new album “-” (“Subtract”) on May 5th this year. Two days earlier, on May 3rd, the four-part documentary series “The Sum of It All” will be released on the Disney streaming service, which promises an exclusive insight into the musician’s private and family life.