The use of artificial intelligence (AI) on smartphones has been helping users in a wide variety of areas for some time. The AI ​​helps, for example, to translate things from other languages ​​or works in the background so that users can take successful photos even in adverse lighting conditions. Samsung has now released a new image editing app for its own smartphones, in which AI is supposed to improve images that have already been taken.

With just one tap, the AI ​​in the “Galaxy Enhance-X” app enables it to automatically adjust image noise, blurring and low details using a “magic” function thanks to machine learning. In addition, it is said to be easy with the app to remove unwanted shadows from the pictures taken – or even patterns that arise when taking pictures of screens, for example.

Older photos should be improved and repaired thanks to so-called generative AI. Facial expressions are therefore not changed. And the resolution of recordings can also be increased up to four times for smaller images. As an example, the manufacturer cites a photo with 300 x 400 pixels in a statement, the resolution of which can be increased up to 1,200 x 1,600 pixels.

Previously only available in a beta version for the Galaxy S23 series, the company says the app will work on devices from the Note 20, S20, S21, S22 and S23 series. In addition, there are models such as the Z Flip 4 or the Z Fold 2. However, the smartphones must use the One UI 5.1 user interface or future newer variants. At a later date, the app will also support devices from the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series as well as Galaxy tablets. The app is available in the Galaxy Store.