The Netflix series “Fubar” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) starts on May 25th. That’s according to the first short teaser trailer for the spy action released by the streaming service on Monday. In the 17-second clip, the Hollywood veteran appears as a stylish warhorse who smokes a cigar, engages in wild gunfights and drives a fancy sports car. However, his character is ultimately brought back to earth by comedian Fortune Feimster (42). “You get that for being sentimental,” she says.

In the Nick Santora (53, “Reacher”, “Prison Break”) production, Schwarzenegger plays CIA agent Luke Brunner, who is about to retire. Brunner discovers a family secret and is forced to return to the field on one last assignment. According to Netflix, the whole thing should be a mixture of “espionage, action and humor” in addition to the family history.

“Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like ‘True Lies,'” Schwarzenegger is quoted as saying in a statement from the streaming service, which reports “Deadline”. This is exactly what “Fubar” represents. The Netflix series “will kick your ass and make you laugh – and not just for two hours. You get a whole season,” said the Austrian.

In 1994’s “True Lies,” Schwarzenegger played computer salesman Harry Tasker, who leads a double life as a top agent in the super-secret “Omega Sector.” Together with his partner Gib (Tom Arnold, 64) he has the task of tracking down an Arab terrorist group. But one day his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis, 64) is drawn into his secret work.

According to “Box Office Mojo”, director James Cameron’s (68) strip brought in almost 380 million US dollars (around 360 million euros) worldwide.