At the end of last year it was announced that the “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off “Station 19” would end after season seven. The new showrunners Zoanne Clack (55) and Peter Paige (54) hope that there is still a future for the production. If Netflix offered a helping hand, they would immediately let the streaming service save themselves and the fire department series.

It has been clear since December 2023 that the US broadcaster ABC is canceling “Station 19”, known in Germany under the title “Seattle Firefighters – The Young Heroes”. Whether the spin-off of the popular hospital series could actually be continued is still unclear. According to a report on the website “TVLine”, fans – just like the showrunners – have not yet given up hope.

“They don’t tell us anything,” explains Clack in an interview with the site. However, she quickly adds: “We’re happy to go wherever we go.” Paige confirms this: “We would love, love, love to do another season if the opportunity arose.”

Theoretically, Netflix could actually pick up “Station 19,” but at least it wouldn’t be the first time that the streaming service has taken over a series. The British production “Black Mirror” started on Channel 4 before further seasons were later released on Netflix. The “Karate Kid” spin-off “Cobra Kai” was originally a YouTube original before the series moved to Netflix after two seasons.

Shonda Rhimes (54) also has a multi-year deal with Netflix. Not only has she been the driving force behind “Grey’s Anatomy,” but she’s also one of the executive producers of “Station 19.” In December, Rhimes publicly said goodbye to an “unforgettable time” with the series. “A heartfelt thank you to the extraordinary cast whose brilliance brought the characters to life and to the viewers who made it possible! Thank you for the magic, the moments and the memories,” she wrote on Instagram.