In the 8,000th episode of “Good Times, Bad Times” (April 15, 7:40 p.m. on RTL or via RTL) the fate of Carlos (Patrick Fernandez, 39) will be decided. He is accused of pushing his business partner Agim Sula during an argument so that he suffered a fatal head injury.

But Carlos is innocent, he was in Katrin’s apartment at the time of the alleged crime and Sula died in an accident. Alicia (Josefin Bressel, 33) believes in Carlos’ innocence and wants to prove that Katrin (Ulrike Frank, 55) and her uncle Tobias (Jan Kittmann, 41) are lying and sent Carlos to prison out of revenge by making evidence disappear to frame him for murder.

At the manslaughter trial, Carlos, who has already been imprisoned innocently in the past, explains succinctly: “I am innocent.” In her false statement, Katrin emphasizes that she did not see Carlos on the day of the alleged crime and that she had no thoughts of revenge against the defendant. “Even if I wanted to take revenge, I would only do so through legal means,” explains the businesswoman, who founded her company “W

In his subsequent statement, Tobias also explains that he was home alone with his wife Katrin. But the lie is clearly eating at him. Before his statement is to be sworn in, he asks the judge again about the date for that day. She tells him February 5, 2024, to which Tobias explains: “I mixed something up. I now remember that Mr. Lopez came to me that evening.” Katrin is called to the witness stand again due to the contradictory statements. To avoid perjury, she testifies: “I was also wrong about the date.” Carlos is acquitted.

For the remaining allegations – Carlos had taken over “W