A wound on his leg became a major threat to Til Schweiger’s health. The filmmaker confirmed to the “Bild” newspaper that he is currently battling the effects of sepsis in a hospital on Mallorca.

“I’ve been receiving antibiotics in the hospital for a fortnight because I’ve had a wound on my leg since August. I hit my shin and then germs got in,” explains Schweiger. “Now I have an ‘open leg’, that’s what they call it. Unfortunately, it got worse and worse,” he tells “Bild”.

As the newspaper reports, there was even a risk that the infected leg would have to be amputated. Three of his four children have now traveled to their father on the Balearic Island to provide him with mental support during further examinations, according to a media report. Tests are scheduled for the weekend: “With MRI, Doppler sonography, ultrasound,” explains Schweiger. “I got a fever on Thursday night,” he says.

Schweiger’s short-term goal would be to travel to New York to attend the premiere of “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” (director Guy Ritchie). He plays one of the supporting roles in the film. The premiere will take place on April 15th in the east coast metropolis. “After that I would have to go back to the clinic straight away. I haven’t given up hope that it could work,” says Schweiger. Sepsis, like the one Til Schweiger recently experienced, is extremely dangerous and can even lead to death if it is not treated quickly enough.

Source: “Bild” newspaper

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