The Second German Television (ZDF) started its program on April 1, 1963 in a small studio in Eschborn in the Main-Taunus district in southern Hesse. On the occasion of the 60th birthday, program announcements will be making a comeback in the upcoming anniversary week. Seven artists have tackled the historical format and present their version to the audience. It starts on Sunday, around 8:14 p.m.

Sunday (March 26): Presenter Riccardo Simonetti (30) speaks the introduction to the romantic feature film “Inga Lindström: Hanna and the Good Life”.

Monday (March 27th): “Magazine Royale” maker Jan Böhmermann (42) introduces the TV crime thriller “Incorruptible”.

Tuesday (March 28): Satirist and comedian Sarah Bosetti (39) takes care of the appropriate introduction to the documentary “ZDFzeit: Loriot, Otto

Wednesday (March 29): News anchor Jana Pareigis (41) says the quiz show “You’ll never figure it out!” at.

Thursday (March 30th): “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved” star Rudi Cerne (64) speaks the introduction to the TV series “Die Bergretter”.

Friday (March 31): Science journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim (35) announces the new episode of the crime series “The Old Man”. The special thing about this episode: The new commissioner gets on board.

Saturday (April 1): Comedian Martina Hill (48) is scheduled for the highlight of the anniversary week, she speaks the program announcement for the birthday show “The Show of Shows”.