Jana Ina Zarrella (46) lovingly congratulated her son on his 15th birthday on September 23rd. In an Instagram post, she wrote about a picture of herself hugging the birthday child tightly: “You were born 15 years ago. Everything actually happened faster than we thought and the start was different than we imagined.”But from At the beginning, her son showed “that you are a fighter.” In the photo, the 15-year-old stands with his back to the camera and clearly towers over his mother.

He has a big heart and his smile is contagious, the moderator also says about her offspring and ends the posting with: “You are a great person. When I see you, I burst with pride and know that we did everything right . I love you so much honey.” Husband Giovannia Zarrella (45), who can currently be seen on TV as “The Voice” coach, shared the picture of the duo in an Instagram story and commented on it: “Happy birthday my lion.”

In 2010, Giovanni Zarrella reported to the “Bild” newspaper that Gabriel was born four weeks early. In a Cologne clinic, doctors had to fight for the little one’s life. “I was no longer allowed to see Gabriel because his lung had collapsed,” explained the presenter and singer. “The doctors reassured me and said they would have to make a small incision to inflate the lung again.” However, 15 months after birth he was incredibly big and extremely strong, Zarrella explained at the time.

Giovanni Zarrella and his wife married civilly on August 30, 2005 and in church on September 3 of the same year. From October 2005, the documentary soap “Just Married” was broadcast on ProSieben. Their son Gabriel was born in September 2008. The celebrity documentary “Jana Ina