Less taxes, fewer rules, more funding – the construction industry is demanding an aid package from the federal government in view of the housing crisis. “We need a Chancellor’s decision for more housing construction in Germany,” says a demand paper for the so-called housing construction summit this Monday in the Chancellery, from which RTL and ntv quote.

In it, the main association of the German construction industry is calling for the property transfer tax to be reduced or temporarily suspended. Energy standards for new residential buildings are to be handled more relaxed than planned. Funding for new construction must be significantly expanded.

“Without a construction package, housing construction will not get back on track in the short term,” the paper says. “All construction indicators are pointing clearly downwards, and there is no trend reversal in sight.” There is a risk of workers leaving the industry.

The Central Association of the German Construction Industry demanded “housing construction oomph” from the meeting on Monday. “Praying for health will no longer save housing for intensive care patients.” If nothing happens, it will become increasingly difficult for construction companies to keep their staff. “Construction capacity would then no longer be available. The consequences for the rental market or the infrastructure would be dramatic.”