The first live broadcast of the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season took place on Monday evening, November 20th, on Sat.1. While eleven of the prominent participants had to spend the last two days in the container house, the whole of television Germany was waiting for the late arrival of Iris Klein (56), who was finally in the house to meet her ex-partner Peter Klein (56). will meet.

What’s piquant: While Daniela Katzenberger’s (37) mother was aware of her long-term husband’s presence, Peter Klein, according to Sat.1, only found out when he saw Iris Klein that she, too, was spending up to two weeks with him in “Celebrity Big Brother” container will spend.

The big meeting of Germany’s most prominent separated couple in 2023 was then staged with relish by the Sat.1 channel throughout the evening. A waiting Iris Klein was shown again and again, apparently waiting in front of the outdoor area for hours with a blindfold on. Meanwhile, in the house, Peter Klein described his view of the separation mud fight after the jungle camp at the beginning of the year.

“People say that I am a cheater and an adulterer,” explains Peter Klein in advance, but that would ultimately only be based on an allegation “that Iris put online.” The 56-year-old is not aware of any guilt and says confidently: “But do I now regret anything I’ve done recently? No, not at all.”

When asked by his roommates whether he would miss Iris Klein, he answered with a clear no, because in the mudslinging of the breakup he got to know “a side of her that I absolutely don’t like, that I despise.”

As expected, this doesn’t exactly sound like a conciliatory tone, and Iris Klein unsurprisingly doesn’t say anything good about her long-time husband in her preliminary interview. “Where does cheating begin and where does it end,” she asks rhetorically, before adding after describing various non-penetrative sexual acts: “He says if he hasn’t had sex, that’s not cheating.” But she would see it differently.

In view of such statements, the actual reunion of the Kleins is almost a little surprising. With the words “No party without mom!” Iris Klein enters the container and is the last person to shake her Peter’s hand as a greeting. However, he only responds to her challenging “Hello, my name is Klein” with a brief “Hello”, and with that the eagerly awaited encounter is over again.

When actress Manuela Wisbeck (40) takes Iris Klein on a first tour of her home for two weeks, the other residents first ask Peter Klein a little. He reveals that he last saw Iris “in March” and is otherwise relatively calm about the container situation created by Sat.1.

“Of course I had hoped that it wasn’t like that, logically, but now it is like that and I’m calm. I’m a grown-up person,” he says, emphasizing the “grown-up” several times. He clearly expects escalating behavior from Iris Klein in the coming days and weeks. But you can’t see much of it in the first live broadcast.

Before this encounter there was a relatively quiet “Celebrity Big Brother” television evening. Highlights and excerpts from the past container days, which could also be seen in the live stream on Joyn Plus, were shown. For example, “Big Brother” veteran Jürgen Milski (59) explained in view of the upcoming time in the container: “I was there for three months, and you think: ‘Yes, two weeks, I’ll sit on one cheek.’ “His teammates then unanimously elected Jürgen as container boss. Clearly someone here has a lot of Big Brother authority.

The other candidates also presented themselves when they arrived, sometimes more (Matthias Mangiapane: “I’m not gossiping, I’m just commenting, that’s a huge difference.”) and sometimes less skillfully (Peter Klein: “There’s no one person with which I’m currently under stress.”).

With the words “‘Big Brother’ is getting harder,” the moderators Jochen Schropp (44) and Marlene Lufen (52) then introduced a real innovation in the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season: there is already one in the first live broadcast Exit nomination. The participants are questioned individually, with some answering faster and others much slower.

But the result is surprisingly clear given the short time in the container. With four votes, influencer Paulina Ljubas (26) is the first to land on the hit list. When the results are presented to the larger group and Paulina finds out that she is apparently the most unpopular so far, the 26-year-old seems clearly annoyed.

In the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season, the prominent participants also have to make do with a shared dormitory, and what that means is probably already clear to many wives in Germany: Some men of creation disturb their shared sleep by loud snoring. Paulina in particular can’t get a good night’s sleep.

The “snoring trio, led by conductor Matthias” bothers her enormously, but escaping to the living room, where actress Manuela Wisbeck is already sleeping, doesn’t bring any relief because it’s as bright as day there. All those who finally reach the land of dreams are woken up in the morning by Manuela Wisbeck, who screams loudly from the cold morning shower.

As is well known, “Celebrity Big Brother” fans can follow the events this year in the “Celebrity Big Brother – 24 hour live stream” on the Joyn Plus streaming platform. The next live broadcast will be on Tuesday evening, November 21st, at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1.