The temperatures are slowly dropping and the sneakers have to give way to warmer models. But which boots and ankle boots are currently in trend? Overknees or mid-height boots? Heeled or flat? Colorful or subtle? We have the most important boot trends for 2023.

They have been an integral part of the shoe closet in recent years and may continue to find their way into our fashion repertoire in autumn and winter 2023: over-the-knee boots. However, they should not necessarily come with high (block) heels and only in black. Much better: a variant made of leather, suede or patent leather, optionally in nude tones, brown or even rusty red. And if it’s black, then it’s best flat with a casual cut or a slight sheen that looks cool. This is how the boots become eye-catchers and it doesn’t take much to create a cool autumn look.

A simple, single-colored dress with discreet tights or a cool jeans-shirt combo is enough. So the overknees can work great for themselves. Add a cool bag, either plain or matching the color of the boots, and a little jewellery, plus an extra-long coat or trench coat and the perfect autumn look is complete.

Just elegant? No way: autumn and winter 2023 will be casual. And with chunky ankle boots. For everyone who doesn’t yet know what this boot trend is all about: Chunky ankle boots, like ugly sneakers, usually have a striking profile and rubber sole. They come across as extremely clumsy – but that also makes them particularly cool. And chunky boots are now not only available as ankle boots, but also in other models – about mid-height or as overknees.

The chunky boots are particularly cool as a style break: they can be worn with a romantic floral dress or with a model with puff sleeves, for example. But the cool boots also look good with a combination of leather skirt and knit sweater or skirt, shirt and blazer.

There is no need to ask whether it should be overknees or half-height boots this year: both models are trendy. In 2023, half-height boots may come along, especially in the flat version. They can also be laced and with buckles or platform soles, like patent or leather overknees or in more flashy colors. Or as a chunky variant.

The mid-height boot variant works best with a dress: whether it’s a shirt dress or a maxi model. In addition, either tights with a low denier count or – if the weather in autumn and winter 2022 allows it – without.

While leopard or snake prints have been the trend in recent years, in 2023 the crocodile embossing will be in the spotlight. It looks elegant and can be combined very easily – you just have to be careful not to overdo it with the pattern mixes.

Since the crocodile embossing only sets subtle accents, the rest of the look can be eye-catching. Other prints and patterns are also possible: a blouse or a shirt with stripes, paired with leather trousers or jeans and a pair of boots with a crocodile look, for example, go well together. But a simple dress that the shoes can look good with is also an exciting combination option.

Cowboy boots have been the shoe trend par excellence in recent years. In 2023, however, this trend will level off somewhat. Sock boots can also stay in the shoe closet this autumn and winter. They get a lot less attention than they did last time. In addition, the metallic look is on the decline from a fashion point of view.

Of course, the right care is required to ensure that the trend kickers remain in good condition for as long as possible. Because if they are worn over the fall or winter and then simply disappear in the shoe closet, you will certainly not have anything of them beyond the year 2022. Leather should always be impregnated and the boots should be cleaned with a damp cloth after use. In addition, half-height boots or overknees are either hung on a boot rack or laid flat in the closet. You should make sure that the shaft is completely spread out to avoid kinks. And then you can still enjoy the boots in the coming year.

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