Twenty years ago, Emma Thompson walked down the aisle for the second time in her life and tied the knot with her film colleague Greg Wise. The two met on the set of Sense and Sensibility. They are still a couple today. One could speak of soul mates or great love. But Thompson himself sees love a little differently.

“It’s philosophically helpful and uplifting to remember that romantic love is a myth and quite dangerous,” she said in an interview with the Radio Times, quoted by the Daily Mail. Instead of putting on rose-colored glasses, it is much more important to deal with the topic of love, explains the “Love Actually” actress.

“Long-term relationships are incredibly difficult and complicated. If someone believes that eternal happiness has a place in our lives, they can forget it,” she emphasizes. Why does Thompson speak of all things about eternal love? The reason is her latest film project “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, a romantic comedy with Lily James. Thompson plays the mother of James’ character Zoe, who is growing impatient because her daughter can’t find the right person.

Thompson himself has already recovered from the odd broken heart. Her first husband, film star and director Kenneth Branagh, cheated on her with co-star Helena Bonham Carter.

An affair that came as a complete surprise to Thompson, as she admitted in an interview with The New Yorker last year. “I was completely, completely oblivious to the fact that he was dating other women on set,” she said. “What I’ve learned is how easily one can be blinded by one’s own desire to deceive oneself.”

Perhaps Thompson’s rational view of love also stems from her own experiences.

Quellen: “Radio Times” / “Daily Mail” / “The New Yorker”