“Stress? I only know rhinestones!”: This quote describes the former fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld quite well. The fashion designer, who died in Paris on February 19, 2019 at the age of 85, never rested on his success – on the contrary.

For decades he convinced the world’s largest fashion houses such as Fendi, Chloé and ultimately Chanel with his unique creations and even launched his own fashion brand with his unmistakable style. What happened next with the fashion empire of “Kaiser Karl”, who would have turned 90 today, September 10th?

A year after Lagerfeld’s death, Virginie Viard took over the creative direction of Chanel. The Frenchwoman was Lagerfeld’s assistant for years and also a close friend. She presented her first couture collection for Chanel in July 2019, using a library as the backdrop.

Her signature style was quickly visible: Viard rejuvenated the classic Chanel designs and spiced them up with 1980s styles without losing the house’s traditional style. The demand for the coveted fashion items has increased steadily since then.

She herself once said in an interview with the magazine “Madame Figaro”: “Karl is the encounter of my life. When I saw him for the first time, there was an immediate spark.” The two worked together for more than 20 years. She must have known his style and his work better than anyone. It was therefore not surprising that Viard inherited the fashion tsar after his death.

Viard designed her latest spring collection again with Xavier Veilhan. The two have already worked together three times. When fashion connoisseurs take a look at the collection, what immediately catches the eye is this year’s skirt suit trend, which has replaced the classic costume or, let’s say, interpreted it in a more modern way. The combination of skirt and matching blazer can be found almost everywhere this year.

And how could it be otherwise: The costume in its original form was of course developed by the French fashion icon Coco Chanel. She designed the skirt and blazer two-piece suit in the 1950s and presented it as a modern suit for women at the opening of her fashion salon in Paris. While the costume initially met with harsh criticism, it has now become an absolute fashion hit.

In her collection, Viard has designed the skirts with, among other things, tulle borders and the blazers with playful collars. The modern costume can be combined, for example, with a turtleneck top or a crop top, knee-high socks and trendy Mary Jane pumps or loafers.

And as Virginie Viard continues Lagerfeld’s work, the famous couturier, best known for his dark sunglasses, white ponytail, half-open gloves, high shirt collar and silver jewelry, was honored this year at the fashion event of the year – the Met Gala.

The stars gratefully accepted the motto “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”: Black and white looks with silver jewelry and pearl necklaces romped around the red carpet in New York. Singer and actor Jared Leto stood out in particular: on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art he posed as Choupette, Lagerfeld’s French Birman cat.

Speaking of which: How did the Hamburg native’s beloved pet fare? As a reminder, Choupette was born in August 2011 and was originally owned by French model Baptiste Giabiconi. A little later, Giabiconi asked Lagerfeld to look after the cat. The designer is said to have quickly been fascinated by the pet.

“I realized that Choupette made Karl very happy,” Giabiconi told the newspaper. So he decided to leave the kitten with him. Choupette went on to become a social media and advertising star. Among other things, she accompanied Lagerfeld in a custom $3,000 Louis Vuitton handbag.

After Lagerfeld’s death, the fashion designer’s former housekeeper and close friend took the cat into her home. She lives in a country house in Paris, where Choupette has been having a good time ever since. Videos and photos of her are still shared every day on her Instagram account with more than 250,000 followers.