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This is a record: never before have so many complaints been received about a single post. Rather, only around 14,000 complaints were made for the entire year 2021. The unprecedented feedback has already followed: Clarkson’s text can no longer be read online. This was deleted at his request, as is now stated in an updated version on the homepage. Instead, a screenshot of a tweet from Clarkson was uploaded there, in which he apologized for his choice of words.

In it he writes: “Oh dear. […] In a post I wrote about Meghan I made an awkward comparison to a scene from ‘Game of Thrones’ and that went down badly with a whole lot of people. I’m shocked to have caused so much pain and will be more careful in the future.” Striking with his “apology”: he does not address a single word of remorse directly to Duchess Meghan (41).

Even Clarkson’s daughter publicly distanced herself from her father immediately after the article was published and criticized his choice of words. As photographed print versions of the text show, he had expressed his deep-seated hatred for Prince Harry’s (38) wife. “Gritting his teeth,” he says, “waits for the day when she has to walk naked through every city in Britain while people shout ‘Shame!’ shout and throw excrement at them.” This very humiliation was inflicted on a female character in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones that Clarkson addressed.

However, simply removing the article and Clarkson’s half-baked apology is apparently not enough for many people. According to “The Guardian”, numerous members of the British Parliament have since called for far-reaching consequences for the moderator. In her eyes, this contributed to an “unacceptable climate of hatred and violence” in the contribution.