After his court hearing for the indictment in the documents affair before the federal court in Miami on June 13, the former American head of state and his entourage made a surprise visit to the small restaurant “Versailles” in the Little Havana district.

Video footage of his visit, released by the local Miami New Times newspaper, shows him at the venue surrounded by fans singing and clergy saying prayers for him on his upcoming birthday (June 14).

Thrilled by the devotion of his supporters, Trump loudly shouted “Food for all!” amidst the commotion. through the room. After this generous invitation, however, he left the restaurant a few minutes later.

As the “Miami New Times” claims to have learned from a “competent source”, none of his followers were actually given anything at the end of the appointment. The appointment only lasted about ten minutes, “so that no one had time to eat anything, let alone place an order.”

As the newspaper added to its report, Trump will probably still have many opportunities to fulfill his unfulfilled promise at further court hearings in Florida.