The feminist organization MFW (Mad Fucking Witches) accuses Prince William (41) and David Beckham of sexism. The reason: The heir to the throne and the ex-soccer player had sent video messages to the English team before the final of the Women’s World Cup against Spain. However, only the daughters of the two prominent supporters can be seen in the clips and not their sons. William sits next to his daughter Charlotte (8) in his video message. David Beckham swings to eleven-year-old Harper in his clip.

On their X account, MFW describe this behavior as “overtly sexist”. “It’s still seen as undesirable and even disgusting for boys to have female role models or to cheer on a women’s team,” the activists argue. Conversely, girls are also expected to support male teams.

Many people will take the absence of the celeb sons as a minor matter, write MFW. But these are so-called “microaggressions”. Small, seemingly harmless discrimination against minorities. All of which can reduce their self-confidence.

Prince William was criticized from various quarters for his absence from the final. After all, the Prince of Wales is Honorary President of the English Football Association. The royal family said he was not flying to Sydney for climate protection reasons.

The Mad Fucking Witches also attacked William for the “aggressive act” of not showing up. In a men’s football final, this would have been unthinkable: “Imagine how many rich men would have sat in the stands to cheer on their male heroes. Hundreds of them would have pushed their grandmothers out of the way to get a flight and themselves secure a ticket.”