Sitting in front of the camera, he seems aware of his guilt. At least, that’s what it looks like when Prince William produced a video for social media apologizing for his absence from the World Cup final. The honorary president of English football was absent from Australia last weekend as the English side struggled to hold their own against the Spaniards.

In contrast to Prince William, Queen Letizia of Spain supported her team in Australia in the final game. The Women’s World Cup this year was more about equality than ever. Women’s football is far from being as recognized and not nearly as well paid as men’s football. It is all the more important that the teams are shown solidarity and respect. England have not been in the final of a World Cup with either the men or the women’s team since 1966.

Prince William is said to have given the reason for his absence, British media reported, that he wanted to pay attention to his carbon footprint. The honorary president of sport then prioritized a trip to Australia for the World Cup final. Instead, his best wishes to the players via social media video. Charlotte Nichols, an MP for the opposition British Labor Party, felt that the reason for his non-attendance was “pretty flimsy”. The politician informed the prince via social media service X (formerly Twitter).

These virtual wishes of the prince are just as bad for some other people. TV presenter Piers Morgan wrote on X: “With all due respect, Your Royal Highness, you should have gotten on a plane. It is ridiculous that the Queen of Spain is attending the World Cup final to support her country’s team and you are not there even though you’re FA President.”

Also, the fact that he has his daughter, Princess Charlotte, by his side, but not his two boys, is a source of displeasure. British journalist Poorna Bell, for example, wrote on X: “The gender gap in sport starts at a young age and reinforces the idea that everyone should be interested in men’s sport, while women’s sport is for girls. It’s bad enough that he the game didn’t go to the game now he’s just posing with his daughter – what message does that send to his boys?”

There are also numerous reviews under Prince William’s Instagram post. One of them, with over 800 likes, is that of user “kokoro_lel”: “So it’s only Charlotte supporting the lionesses, not your boys? This post sends a completely wrong message. If you had been there to share our pioneering women To support it would be a clear signal that the monarchy is driving the change towards equality for women, and everyone knows that if it had affected our men, you, our Prime Minister and all the usual ‘celebrities’ would have been there for the final – diaries would have been cleaned up months in advance and the ‘boys club’ would have been there in large numbers. Very disappointing.”

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