King Charles will not have been amused: the British royals’ website was unavailable for around 90 minutes in the early hours of this Sunday (October 1st). Instead of the usual information about the activities of the royal family, only an error message was visible at the URL

According to the British Mirror, “a royal source” commented on the matter with the following statement: “The website is unavailable due to a denial-of-service attack. A denial-of-service attack bombards websites with traffic “As opposed to a hacking attack where people actually gain access to a website. There was no access to the royal family’s systems or content. At this point it is impossible to say who is responsible.”

The royal family’s IT experts worked to get the website up and running again. The site now seems to be running smoothly again.

The “Mirror” also reports that the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet could be behind the attack. The founder of the association, who operates under the name “KillMilk,” claimed responsibility for the attack and spoke of it as an “attack on pedophiles.” However, the group’s involvement in the crime has not yet been officially confirmed.