In the worth seeing “Crime Scene: Last Trip to Schauinsland” (Whit Monday, 8:15 p.m., the first), the murderer, senior doctor Gisela Thousandleben (Ulrike Arnold, 59), gets into a truck at the end and escapes to freedom. The Black Forest investigators Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau, 52) and Friedemann Berg (Hans-Jochen Wagner, 55) are left behind.

An open ending doesn’t often happen in a Sunday crime thriller. The three parts that emerged from an unsuccessful murder hunt in Kiel are legendary: “Borowski and the Silent Guest” (2012), “Borowski and the Return of the Silent Guest” (2015) and “Crime Scene: Borowski and the Good Man” (2021) with Axel Milberg (67) as Inspector Borowski and Lars Eidinger (48) as Kai Korthal’s murderer.

Will there also be a sequel to the Black Forest crime thriller? The news agency spot on news asked the broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (SWR).

“The film is a standalone film. The commissioners and we have to come to terms with the fact that there is not enough evidence to charge the perpetrator,” says a spokeswoman. In general, loose ends in Sunday thrillers are presented very differently. “In this case, the inspectors actually know that she is the perpetrator, but they cannot prove it. Sometimes only the spectators know. Or no perpetrator is found at all,” she explains further.

Another exciting question is that of the “dragon”, which first appears in the forensic clinic as a hallucination of Hansi Pagel’s (Rüdiger Klink, 52) roommate Milan Vukovic (Bekim Latifi, 30) and then at the end of the crime story in the Pagel family is on the front door. The meaning of this scene leaves room for interpretation. After Milan Vujicic blames the “dragon” for killing his mother, his reappearance could indicate another possible parricide – Leo Pagel (Anton Dreger, born 1996) could kill his hated father Hansi Pagel.

Director Stefan Krohmer (53) explains about the “dragon”, which is actually a monitor lizard and which no one except Milan Vukovic could see: “Hansi Pagel brings the idea of ​​the monitor lizard from the clinic to his family, so to speak. At the same time, the animal is a sign for the fact that shadows continue to hang over this family, even without us knowing exactly where catastrophes threaten.” Hansi Pagel was imprisoned for years because of violence against his wife Andrea Pagel (Angelika Richter, 51) and their children.