The celebrations for FC St. Pauli’s promotion to the Bundesliga began in heavy rain. The future first division football team also combined his celebration on Whit Monday with a political statement. At the start there was a demonstration for democracy and club culture together with groups, initiatives and alliances against the right, starting at Hamburg’s town hall market and ending at the Reeperbahn.

“Let’s have a great party today. The rain will stop soon. Then we’ll walk through the streets with your messages,” said President Oke Göttlich at the opening rally. “Forget the weather, we’re going to carry on.” At the same time, the team, coach Fabian Hürzeler and club officials were received by First Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). A big party was planned for the Reeperbahn in the early evening. The trophy for the championship in the 2nd Bundesliga was also to be officially presented to the team.

“I realized the importance of the championship”

Coach Hürzeler’s team completed their return to the Bundesliga after 13 years with a win against VfL Osnabrück a week ago. With the 2-1 win at SV Wehen Wiesbaden, the neighborhood club also secured the title of second division champion. “I wasn’t fully aware of the importance of the championship before the game, but I became extremely aware of it during and after the game,” said the 31-year-old Hürzeler.

Captain Jackson Irvine also ranked the championship high. “We sat down on the first day and said that we didn’t just want to get promoted, we also wanted to become champions,” said the Australian. “Everyone showed the intensity during the tough season and so the championship is an honor for everyone.”