October 31st is Halloween – the name comes from “All Hallows’ Eve”, i.e. the evening before All Saints’ Day. In America it is a tradition for children, in particular, to dress up on the day and go from door to door to collect sweets. This trick-or-treating tradition has not yet fully established itself in this country, but it has been customary to dress up for many years. However, the scary costumes are not only very popular among children: more and more adults are enjoying masking up on the day. Find out below which costumes are trending this year. Happy Halloween!

At the latest after the successful film “It” was remade, scary clown costumes have become very popular. There is a wide range of frightening costumes for men and women that will terrify guests at any Halloween party. Men will find what they are looking for here. Women will find what they are looking for here.

Other horror films such as “The Ring” also offer the perfect template for a suitable Halloween costume. Dress up as “Samara” including dress and wig. Alternatively, there are plenty of other zombie costumes for him and her – from a priest to a nun to a schoolgirl. There is also film blood to match.

Of course, the costumes don’t necessarily have to be scary. On Halloween you can dress up as whatever you would like to embody – for example a superhero. No matter whether you prefer Marvel or DC: From Captain America to Deadpool to Spiderman or even Harley Quinn, there are great disguise options for men and women.

Vampire outfits are at least as popular as classic Halloween costumes. There are all sorts of matching accessories for men and women, from fangs to fake blood to red contact lenses, which make the costume even scarier. In addition to the opportunity to dress up as Count Dracula, women in particular can dress up in eerily beautiful robes.

If you dress up for Halloween but don’t want to wear a costume, you can use a simple horror mask – there is also a large selection on the Internet. From well-known motifs such as Hellraiser, Venom or Diavolo to creepy clown faces or indefinable horror masquerades, you can transform into a disgusting monster in just a few seconds.

If you don’t like any of the costumes mentioned or you just want to step out of line, even if you don’t wear anything scary, there are also many funny masquerades for men and women that will attract everyone’s attention – such as the inflatable one T-Rex or unicorn costume. For diehards there is also the ballerina fatsuit.

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