Actress Kirsten Dunst (41) also sees her new film as a warning not to take democracy for granted. In “Civil War” she plays a photojournalist during a new civil war in the USA.

Asked if she was afraid such a scenario could become a reality, she told Britain’s PA news agency: “There are debates all over the world and that’s why the way we made the film felt real .”

It’s about not taking democracy for granted. “And really about humanity and seeing each other as people instead of taking these extreme positions behind cell phones or computers,” Dunst said. “I think it’s a warning, sort of, and an anti-war film for me.”

Cinema release on April 18th

British director Alex Garland wanted to put journalists at the center of the film. He had the feeling that journalists had been under attack in complicated ways for a long time and that people no longer trusted them.

“But there are journalists out there doing an incredibly good job and the question is not whether they are doing a good job or not, but why their good work is not being noticed,” he told PA. “Civil War” is scheduled to be released in Germany on April 18th.