“A proud rooster,” says Horst Lichter when he sees the plate painted with a rooster that Colmar Schulte-Goltz is examining. Zsofia Armas brought him to “Bares für Rares”. The plate was hanging in the restaurant with her father, who had a clear wish. “Either you open your own restaurant and put it up there, or you pass it on.” Since the 26-year-old student is unfortunately not the best cook, the piece now has to go.

As the expert explains, it is a wall plate. It shows a huge rooster that is depicted in dynamic movement. The plate was made in the famous Majolika Manufactory Karlsruhe and Wilhelm Süs designed it. The present copy was reissued in 1978/79 based on the old draft. Armas would like 100 euros. Schulte-Goltz goes even further: he estimates the value at 120 to 140 euros.

But does the plate really bring this amount? “Pretty” and “sweet” are the adjectives the dealers use to describe the item. Steve Mandel can only think of an old joke. “Why don’t vegans drink tap water,” he asks his colleagues. And then immediately sends the answer: “Because it comes from the tap.”

The starting bid from Wolfgang Pauritsch, who starts with 50 euros, is better. Elke Velten Tönnies increased it to 80 euros, but that was it. All other dealers are not interested. The student doesn’t reach the desired price or the estimated value – but still agrees to the deal.

However, the new owner doesn’t want to hang up the rooster. “I would actually use this as a fruit plate.”

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