“Oh, look there, little tins!” says Horst Lichter happily as he enters the expert room. But the “Cash for Rares” moderator is immediately corrected by Sven Deutschmanek: These are bedside tables.

The married couple Helga and Elmar Matlas brought them to the junk show. Helga Matlas associates a special story with the pieces of furniture. She got it from her first love when she was 20. They owned them for 52 years, but they no longer have room in their new apartment in Cologne.

Deutschmanek explains that although these bedside tables were always called Tönnchen, they were actually called Giano-Giano-Vano. They come from the Italian company Artemide and were made from plastic in the 1960s. Helga Matlas would like 200 euros per barrel. The expert even corrects this price slightly upwards: He thinks 400 to 500 euros is possible for both pieces.

Christian Vechtel starts with 100 euros. Esther Ollick is also interested, the two of them are initially pushing the price up to 200 euros. “They’re worth a little more to me,” the saleswoman interjects at this point. Ollick then increases it to 250 euros. “They are my heart’s tins,” Matlas tries to further increase the price – and tells the romantic story again of how she got the bedside tables.

The calculation works: Esther Ollick is touched and offers 300 euros, which is how the deal comes about. Helga Matlas admits afterwards that she has palpitations. “They really were my heart’s tones. Now they’re gone.”

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