“Ten years are enough,” said Karsten Schuch’s partner. And so the 50-year-old office worker from Oberding, Bavaria, packed his two Lufthansa double seats into the car and drove to “Bares für Rares”. Schuch purchased the chunky pieces for a ridiculous amount during his time at Munich Airport. At that time, Lufthansa redecorated the planes and sold the old interior to the employees. At Karsten Schuch’s house, the double rows were used as benches in the hallway.

The copies were manufactured in 2000, explains Detlev Kümmel. The cover is real leather and the seats are still in very good condition. Schuch would like 300 euros per row of seats, so a total of 600 euros. The expert doesn’t want to completely disagree: he thinks a range of 400 to 600 euros is realistic. “And there are life jackets on top of that,” adds moderator Horst Lichter.

Jan Čížek opens the auction with 200 euros. Wolfgang Pauritsch and Esther Ollick are also taking part. When the dealers want to know how much money Schuch paid for the seats, the salesman remains silent. “I’ll tell you at the end,” he hints with a mischievous smile. Čížek then offers 350 euros. But Schuch doesn’t want to sell for that yet. He demands 400 euros – and gets it.

Before the money is handed over, the 50-year-old reveals the secret of his purchase price: he paid one euro per row of seats. So in total he paid two euros and earned 200 times as much. Karsten Schuch admits that he had to smile a bit internally about the high profit margin. But as we all know, it is precisely these stories that make “Cash for Rares” so attractive.

Watch the video: “Cash for Rares”: Exciting and curious facts about the junk show on ZDF.

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