When the 50th anniversary of the throne of the Swedish King Carl XVI takes place in mid-September. Gustaf (77) is due, German royal supporters will also be able to attend the magnificent festivities. The ceremonial parade through Stockholm of the monarch and his wife, Queen Silvia of Sweden (79), will be shown live (2:15 p.m. to 3:35 p.m.) on the first and via the ARD media library on September 16th. According to the station, the lively hustle and bustle is commented on by nobility expert Leontine von Schmettow (60) and presenter Susanne Stichler (54). Meanwhile, ARD correspondent Christian Blenker will capture “atmospheres and voices on site,” it continues.

Similar to the coronation of King Charles III. (74) in Great Britain there will also be a lot on offer in Sweden: a total of around 3,000 soldiers will be deployed on the route that the royal couple travels by carriage. The two of them will also travel on the day in a gold-decorated ship, the sloop “Vasaorden”. The plan is for marines to row them to Stockholm Palace. In the evening there will be an open-air concert at the foot of the palace in honor of the anniversary.

The big anniversary weekend in Sweden starts on September 15th. The anniversary day itself on Friday opens with a thanksgiving service and ends with a large anniversary dinner in the palace. Numerous royal guests from other royal families are expected to attend the celebrations.

King Carl XVI Gustaf ascended in 1973 after the death of his grandfather Gustav VI. Adolf (1882-1973) the throne. The father of Carl XVI. Gustaf, Gustav Adolf Hereditary Prince of Sweden (1906-1947), died in a plane crash in Denmark in 1947, when the current king was nine months old.