Ozzy Osbourne (74) revealed in the latest episode of the podcast “The Osbournes” in conversation with son Jack Osbourne (37) that he had a “final operation on my neck” and that this would be his last operation “because I “I can’t do it anymore,” he explained. “No matter how it turns out, I’m not doing it anymore. I just can’t.” For him, going to the hospital is now “like going to get a haircut,” the musician joked and gave an update on his current health.

“My feet feel like there are bricks attached to them when I walk,” he reported. “I ran up and down the stairs today for the first time in a while and my feet feel like I’m wearing diving boots when I run. I think it’s nerves. Then I thought maybe I have to “I just got off my ass and walked around the block a few times.” When it comes to his recent health issues, the metal star doesn’t want to show weakness and assured that “I’m far from finished.”

In the previous episode, Osbourne spoke about the procedure, which was necessary because his doctors had discovered that two vertebrae below his neck had “disintegrated and there was nothing left of them.” This was the result of an accident with a quad bike that the star suffered in 2003. This injury was aggravated by a fall in his house four years ago. With the new operation, the former singer of the metal band Black Sabbath has had to go under the knife a total of four times.

The singer has suffered from ongoing health problems for decades. In addition to his quad bike accident and the nighttime fall in his house, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease several years ago.