It was news that apparently surprised her too: Anna-Maria Ferchichi is pregnant again. The mother of eight children announced this on Instagram on Wednesday. But she is not completely relaxed. And even a visit to the doctor couldn’t seem to change that.

“I’m going to the doctor right away, I have to be honest, I don’t have a good feeling,” admitted the 41-year-old on Friday morning in her Instagram story. “I don’t notice that I’m pregnant, and otherwise I’ve always noticed it immediately,” she explains her concern. Ferchichi only took a test because a friend wanted to take one because of her missed period. Because she then noticed that she herself was overdue, they took the test together – which promptly turned out positive for both of them.

The doctor couldn’t tell her whether everything was okay. You will only find out the result of the investigation on Monday, Ferchichi reported in another story. Her worries are not entirely unfounded: a pregnancy over the age of 35 is automatically considered a high-risk pregnancy, and in 2014 Ferchichi and her husband Anis, known by the stage name Bushido, had to endure a miscarriage in the eighth week. Even before the birth of their triplets in November 2021, the couple had to worry about the health of the three girls. Fortunately, those worries were unfounded at the time.

This time, too, Ferchichi relies on composure. “I also know that anything can happen,” she explained when the pregnancy was announced. “I’m completely okay with it. Everything that comes, whether it goes well or not, we take it as it comes. That’s why we’ve already said it.” Her triplets would already notice the change, she suspects. Her daughter Leonora is currently “so clingy,” she reports. “I think she’ll notice.”

But until Monday, mum is having a good time with the children. They are on holiday together in a holiday apartment in Germany, visiting Grandma Soraya Lewe. And now have to think about how best to get around a day in the rainy German summer.

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