Bryan Cranston (67) is thinking about retiring. For the star from series like “Breaking Bad” and “Malcolm in the middle” there are still all kinds of projects, but he wants to part with many tasks in about three years. He explains his decision in an interview with the British edition of the men’s magazine “GQ”.

According to the article, he will say goodbye in 2026, at least for the time being. The actor therefore wants to close his production company, sell his shares in the company Dos Hombres and get away with his wife Robin Dearden (69), to whom he has been married since 1989. The US couple wants to move to another country for at least six months – probably to France.

For the past 24 years, Dearden has lived a life that has been shaped entirely by him. “She was the plus one, she was a star’s wife. She had to rotate and arrange her life based on mine,” Cranston says. Of course, she also had a tremendous benefit from everything, but the lives of the two partners were not balanced as a result. “I want to make up for that. She deserves it.” The plan is to live in a small village, learn the language and cook, or plant a garden.

“I want to have that experience,” says Cranston. He wants to go on day trips, drink wine with new friends and no longer read screenplays. Cranston resolves to stop working during this time, including as an actor: “No, it’s a break. It’s a stop. I won’t think about [work]. I won’t take any phone calls. ” Who knows if Cranston will eventually return to Hollywood if he likes this life in a small French village. He will then be at least 70 years old.

From June 15, Cranston will be seen in cinemas in “Asteroid City”, alongside other stars such as Scarlett Johansson (38), Margot Robbie (32) and Tom Hanks (66). Then comes “Argylle” with, among others, Henry Cavill (40), Samuel L. Jackson (74) and Bryce Dallas Howard (42). And earlier this year, Cranston revealed to E! News that he’d be open to making a sort of Malcolm in the Middle reunion movie. The whole thing is apparently still on the table, as he is now implying. He was curious how the family from the series looked 20 years later: “What happened to them? Where are they? What are the children doing? They are grown men now.”