The Dax gained a little on Thursday in a low-impact environment. However, he did not manage to break the round mark of 16,000 points based on the closing price. For a few days now, the leading German index has been stuck at the mark. On Corpus Christi he crossed the finish line with a plus of 0.18 percent to 15,989.96 points. The MDax for medium-sized companies closed 0.15 percent higher at 27,182.35 points.

Overall, the movements on the stock market were again within a manageable range. Stockbrokers explained the reluctance with the prospect of a restrictive approach by the important central banks in the fight against high inflation. The market is counting on further increases in key interest rates – all the more so after the Canadian central bank surprised the previous day with an increase. In addition, share prices have already risen sharply in recent months. The authors of the Fuchs-Kapital stock exchange letter suspected that as long as there is no clear view either of the economy or of further monetary policy, particularly in the USA, the markets will likely continue to move sideways.