Singer Billie Eilish (22) always makes headlines with her sexuality. Now the two-time Oscar winner spoke openly about her personal attitude towards sex and masturbation in an interview with the music magazine “Rolling Stone”. She apparently uses both to relax and better connect with her body.

When the journalist asked what she likes to do to relax, the 22-year-old answered simply “sex” and then expanded on the topic. It is important to her to discuss the topic openly. “I basically talk about sex whenever I can. It’s literally my favorite topic,” she explains in the interview. “As a woman, my experience is that the topic is viewed in such a strange way. People are so uncomfortable talking about it and find it strange when women are very comfortable with their sexuality and can communicate with it. ” In your opinion, that should change. She “couldn’t recommend anything more” for relaxation.

It is also important to her to talk openly about masturbation, which is also a taboo topic for women. Satisfying herself made her more self-confident. It’s a “huge, huge part” of her life and a huge help: “People should jerk off, man. I can’t stress it enough, as someone with extreme body issues and dysmorphia, which I’ve had my whole life.”

She likes to masturbate in front of a mirror. “Partly because it’s hot, but also because it makes me feel such a raw, deep connection to myself and my body and a love for my body like I’ve never had before,” says Billie Eilish. “I have to say that it’s very helpful when you look at yourself in the mirror and think, ‘I look really good right now.’ You can manipulate the situation you’re in to make you look good. You can make the lights super dark, you can wear a certain outfit or take a certain position that flatters you more.” She concludes by declaring, “I should have a PhD in masturbation.”