Actress Pamela Anderson (56) and rock musician Tommy Lee (60) were the scandalous couple of the 1990s. Their marriage was as wild as it was short: After their wedding in 1995, they only spent three years together until the relationship broke up again and they divorced in 1998.

The memorable climax of this turbulent liaison was the so-called “sex tape scandal”, in which a privately shot amateur porn video of the two of them involuntarily became public. After the divorce, Lee even spent four months behind bars after Anderson reported him for assault.

In an interview with “Bild”, the actress revealed that, despite everything, she still mourns her marriage to the drummer of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. There she said: “I wish I had never married again and Tommy was still my husband. It would be nice if my first marriage had survived.”

She currently has little contact with her ex, only maintaining a connection through their sons Brandon (27) and Dylan (25). “But we both have our own lives,” Anderson said. “Tommy is happily married, sees our boys regularly. And most importantly: he has a place in my heart.”

After the divorce from Tommy Lee, several more marriages followed, but they did not last long either. Her marriage to the musician Kid Rock (52) only lasted just under a year, her two marriages to the producer Rick Salomon (55) only lasted around six months each and the marriage to the film producer Jon Peters (78) only lasted ten days.

Despite all these relationship disasters, she still believes in love. “But I also believe,” says Anderson, “that she will only find you if you’re not looking for it. And right now I’m not interested in a new man either.”