The sisters Hannah and Sarah Becker from Krefeld would like to increase their holiday budget. An invitation signed by the artist Günther Uecker and given to them by their father should help. This is a so-called multiple, as Bianca Berding explains. That means it is not unique, but there are several of these objects. “It’s incredibly creative, modern and rethought.” Günther Uecker is known for this. This is specifically an invitation to an exhibition from 1994 in Mönchengladbach.

The saleswomen would like 200 to 300 euros for it. But the expert gives them hope for much more: she estimates the value at 600 to 800 euros. The sisters only have one word to say: “Wow!”

Christian Vechtel starts with 100 euros. When the sum exceeds 300 euros, Vechtel feels like schnapps numbers: he now offers 333 euros. “Because it’s art.” This buzz causes great amusement in the dealer room. “If you don’t have three euros small, I swear to you, you’ll spend a crate of beer”. But Vechtel remains true to his tour: When Julian Schmitz-Avila offers 400 euros, Vechtel calls 444. His 500 euros he counters with 555. But Schmitz-Avila cannot be shaken off that easily. He offers 600 euros – and thus provokes Vechtel’s 666.

“That’s a hell of a number,” says Hannah. Schmitz-Avila is also superstitious and therefore rounds up to 670 euros. But then Christian Vechtel has the last word: He adds another tenner and buys the art value for 680 euros.

Afterwards, the two sisters beamed with the many bills: “Let’s go on vacation!” One or the other schnapps should also be in there.

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library

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