The BAFTAS, the British film awards, are actually about films. The best actors and the best strips of the past year are awarded. But Princess Kate and Prince William stole the show from them: With their appearance on the red carpet, they now drew everyone’s attention afterwards.

In a short video of “Vogue” on Instagram you can see how Kate gives her William a short, loving slap on the bottom. This happened so quickly and inconspicuously that most of those present on site should not have even noticed it. But thanks to the video, this brief moment has now gone viral.

For the royal couple of Wales, the very familiar banter is an unusual sign of affection. Usually, the two don’t even hold hands in public, let alone show more affectionate gestures.

Kate’s outfit can also be seen in the clip: She wore a white, floor-length, one-shoulder dress to the awards ceremony, which she already presented at the 2019 BAFTAs. The small train that was newly sewn onto the dress made the whole thing look classy, ​​but the long, black gloves and the statement earrings prevented it from looking too much like a wedding outfit. William also styled his dark velvet suit in a classic way with a light handkerchief and bow tie.

Most recently, on a visit to Kirkgate Market in the city of Leeds, Kate revealed that William didn’t want to buy her red roses for Valentine’s Day. A florist asked her about it and she replied, “I don’t think so,” according to People. Many then speculated that William might just not be the great romantic or that there might even be a crisis in the royal marriage. The appearance on the red carpet should have disproved these rumors.

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