A well-known team is dedicating itself to a B-movie classic: Cult director Tim Burton (65) will shoot a new edition of the sci-fi film “Attack of the 20-Meter Woman,” as several industry media outlets unanimously report. According to Deadline, the script for the project comes from the successful author Gillian Flynn (52). Burton is also set to produce.

We’re talking about a reimagined narrative of the source material, in which an encounter with an alien transforms a woman who has to deal with an unfaithful husband and his lover into a giant. The main role was played by Allison Hayes (1930-1977). It is not yet known who could become the “20-meter woman” for the remake or how close the new version stays to the original, which is said to have been made for a budget of only 88,000 US dollars.

Burton is known for numerous idiosyncratic, often macabre cinema works and recently celebrated a mega success in the series world. He directed, among others, the 80s horror comedy “Beetlejuice”, the fantasy romance “Edward Scissorhands”, the horror film “Sleepy Hollow” and the sci-fi comedy “Mars Attacks!”. In 2022, as executive producer and director for some episodes of the first “Wednesday” season on Netflix, he made it one of the series hits of the year.

The writer Gillian Flynn is also no stranger to the film world. Among other things, “Fight Club” director David Fincher (61) filmed her dark thriller bestseller “Gone Girl – The Perfect Victim” with Ben Affleck (51) and Rosamund Pike (45). Flynn adapted the script himself.