Even Jan Frodeno is amazed at this world record attempt. The three-time world champion knows what it means to swim 3.8 kilometers, cycle 180 kilometers and run 42 kilometers. An Ironman in one day, with the appropriate preparation and the necessary regeneration.

Jonas Deichmann wants to complete this distance 120 times one after the other over 120 days. “In addition to the incredible physical performance, in my opinion it will be a masterpiece to mentally engage in the same extreme performance 120 times in a row,” said former triathlon star Frodeno to the German Press Agency.

Deichmann is now used to these stresses. The former IT specialist is an extreme athlete, Deichmann is an adventurer and, as he says about himself: “An unconditional optimist.”

It is likely to be one of the key prerequisites for tackling projects like his new one from May 9th in Roth, Central Franconia. The 36-year-old also has a lot of training, 38 hours a week, as well as a body and a mind that can cope with these stresses.

“Well for me I have to say that I find physical exhaustion wonderful,” explained Deichmann in an interview with the German Press Agency. “The feeling of recovering after really pushing hard and doing a lot is a great feeling.”

And he has had this feeling many times: Deichmann has completed a total of 120 Ironmans – albeit on a trip around the world with luggage that he always had with him when swimming, cycling and running. Or on his trip from New York to Los Angeles by bike and then straight back on foot from the west to the east coast of the USA. It was over 5,000 kilometers each and he has long since been nicknamed the German Forrest Gump.

Deichmann also explained what role a chocolate bar can play in such borderline experiences: “I always say, I run from chocolate bar to chocolate bar.” Longing for happiness as a driving force. He doesn’t think to himself: “Oh, there are still 5,000 kilometers and I have a headwind, but: Hey, in 20 kilometers there will be a gas station and there will be a chocolate bar. Cool, I’m looking forward to that.”

In his world record project in Roth, he will not only be able to rely on the power of chocolate bars. Such a long distance burns around 10,000 calories. But because he only has a few hours at a time and they should be spent primarily sleeping, he has to eat during the individual long distances.

That’s why he set a 12-hour limit. 1:15 swim, 5:30 on the bike, 4 hours of running – the rest of the time is also planned: “I’ll probably take a lunch break about a third or half of the bike route and eat pasta or something similar. I can’t feed only on liquid food for four months,” explained Deichmann.

Two-time Roth winner and former world champion Anne Haug (41) described the project as an “insane mental challenge”. “I find one day to be an extreme challenge,” she told dpa with a laugh. The endurance performance was “unprecedented,” said Challenge Roth race director Felix Walchshöfer.

At the halfway point of his 60th, Deichmann will compete in the professional field at the Challenge Roth on July 7th. Then he will also experience the legendary atmosphere on Solarer Berg from his bike, but he will also be staying there during his world record attempt.

The record so far is 105 long distances. Looking for a new challenge, Deichmann, at 36, sees himself in the prime age of breaking this record. “Now I’m at the point in my athletic performance where I’m simply strongest,” he said and explained again why he’s doing this: “I just want to know what’s going on.”